Inventory is Very Limited at This Time Due to Supply Chain Disruptions.
But we still have many options for you! Special orders are easier and faster than ever. Some models are inbound from the plant but not shown here. We also have access to low-mileage pre-owned and service loaner vehicles. Please contact us here at Porcaro Ford and let us know what you are looking for. We'll go the extra mile to find the best and fastest way to get you the vehicle of your dreams!

What Types Of Ford Vehicles Do We Have In Our New Inventory?

You will find only the latest Ford models in our new inventory. These include the rough and tough Ford F-150 and Super Duty  trucks, the stylish and rugged Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport, the luxurious, yet spacious Ford Escape, Explorer, and Edge SUVs, and the fast and breathtaking Ford Mustang. We are constantly updating our inventory, as new models are released, and are excited every time we bring new additions into our Porcaro Ford family.

Come To Porcaro Ford And Go For A Test Drive

If you are interested in seeing just how big the Ford Expedition is or how fast the Ford Mustang can go, then feel free to come to our Porcaro Ford dealership, located in Mount Pleasant, Racine, Wisconsin, and serving Kenosha, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, and Greenfield, and get behind the wheel. Our associates are always available to answer any questions that you may have, are willing to show you the differences between trim levels, and can help you work through the financial process. We look forward to meeting you and would love to hand you the keys to your new Ford truck, SUV, or van.