Ford and Lyft Establish a Partnership to Bring Self-Driving Cars to the Masses

Ford and Lyft are two companies revered in their respective industries. The former is known as one of the leading automotive brands in the nation. The latter is a reputable ride-sharing agency with an expanding consumer base. Combining their efforts in a new endeavor to make autonomous vehicles readily accessible, Ford and Lyft hope to create a new kind of service for the modern individual.

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Ford Expanding Network of Electric Car Charging Stations


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Ford is proving that the popularity of electric cars like the the Ford Focus Electric has not dimmed despite relatively affordable gas prices as of late. U.S. and Canadian Ford employees have already expressed appreciation for the 200 electric car charging stations across fifty different Ford facilities. In fact, over sixty percent of Ford employees who drive electric vehicles said their decision to drive an electric car as influenced by the availability of charging stations at their place of employment...


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