Ford F-150 Performance Features - Worth a Second Glance!

Ford trucks consistently are ranked among the best pickups, and the new Ford F-150 is no exception. Whether it’s towing capabilities, over-the-road performance or just great style, the Ford F-150 will not disappoint. Visit Porcaro Ford and speak with one of our sales people about this popular truck.

The Ford F-150 offers top-of-the-line lighting in all areas so you can easily say anything you may need.

• LED Side-mirror spotlights
• LED quad-beam headlamps
• LED box lighting
• LED trailer hitch light on tailgate handle

The Ford F-150 5.5 feet pickup...

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The Ford Explorer Is A Top SUV For A Reason

SUVs have always been very popular among consumers. The offer tons of cargo space for you and your family and are no more fuel efficient than ever. That is why we here at Porcaro Ford in Racine want to introduce you to that brand new 2018 Ford Explorer SUV.

The vehicle offers intelligent four-wheel drive technology which allows you to shift as quickly as the terrain changes so that you and your family remain safe. The Ford Explorer also can tow over 5,000 pounds making weekend getaways with the boat or camper a total breeze. No other SUV of…
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Timing Belt Replacement Helps You Avoid Costly Engine Damage

If you've been driving your vehicle in and around Racine, logging more than 60,000 miles, but have never replaced your timing belt, you run the risk of having a worn belt slip or break. This results in bent valves, damaged cylinder heads and the potential of very expensive damage to your engine.

It's much easier to be proactive about preventing timing belt slippage and breakage by scheduling an inspection at Porcaro Ford. Our experienced and professional service technicians can not only install a new belt, we can also replace the water pump and the timing belt tensioner…

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Ford EcoSport Exceeds Expectations with Unique Features

You're going to love the all-new 2018 Ford EcoSport! There's so much that the SUV offers that it's hard not to.

As soon as you drive up to your destination, you're making a bold and confident statement with this exceptional SUV. The Ford EcoSport has dynamic projector headlamps that stand out from other vehicles. The LED signature lighting enhances the halogen headlamps while providing practical use during nighttime driving for safety. The driver seats are comfortable beyond expectations with a heated function and six-way power controls allowing you to customize your....
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Ford and Lyft Establish a Partnership to Bring Self-Driving Cars to the Masses

Ford and Lyft are two companies revered in their respective industries. The former is known as one of the leading automotive brands in the nation. The latter is a reputable ride-sharing agency with an expanding consumer base. Combining their efforts in a new endeavor to make autonomous vehicles readily accessible, Ford and Lyft hope to create a new kind of service for the modern individual.

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Ford Expanding Network of Electric Car Charging Stations


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Ford is proving that the popularity of electric cars like the the Ford Focus Electric has not dimmed despite relatively affordable gas prices as of late. U.S. and Canadian Ford employees have already expressed appreciation for the 200 electric car charging stations across fifty different Ford facilities. In fact, over sixty percent of Ford employees who drive electric vehicles said their decision to drive an electric car as influenced by the availability of charging stations at their place of employment...


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